About Imantics

The Imantics Athena™ platform enables faster and cheaper development of Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. Athena™ is an end-to-end platform solution that offers pluggable building blocks for device integration, analytics, and data visualization, allowing app developers to focus on the core application.

Athena™ is a comprehensive, multi-faceted programming and configuration platform for expert system-based solutions and migration towards cognitive IoT applications. It includes a marketplace of third party sensors and controllers, a backend big data infrastructure, and integration with prevalent analytics and visualization engines. The device marketplace allows app developers to use industry leading sensors and controllers out of the box in their IoT applications. The Imantics big data infrastructure enables secure and reliable transfer and storage of sensor data. Advanced analytics modules allow app developers to convert raw data into knowledge. The visualization engine components allow app developers to present the cognitive power of their IoT applications through powerful user interfaces with minimal effort.


The Imantics team has extensive experience in technology development of M2M, software platforms and analytics.

Ali Taheri, President and Chief Executive Officer
Ali is Imantics CEO. Prior to Imantics, Ali was General Manager at Cymer Corporation which was acquired by ASML in 2013. Ali has held executive positions at Applied Materials where he was responsible for leading a global engineering organization and SAP oriented Business Transformation, Novellus Systems where he led New Product Development and entire company’s software division. Ali started his career in IBM’s Applied Research where he worked in various leadership capacities leading key technology development exclusively for IBM.

Ali graduated from University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and also holds Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jim Mahlbacher, Vice President, Technology Development
Prior to Imantics, Jim was at IBM where he gained extensive experience in Advanced Industrial Automation, Computer Security, and Information Management Technologies. Jim has been a successful architect, inventor and developmental leader in award winning complex machines and systems including High Speed Fine Positioning and Atomic Force Microscopy. His latest work included Applied Cryptography, Computer Security Strategies, and Systems for Digital Rights Management Products for both Consumer and Business Applications including Model Driven Design.


The Imantics extended team includes ...

Dr. Ehsan Adeli, Machine Learning Technologist
Ehsan Adeli has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering with a focus on Machine Learning and Computer Vision. He has the experience of working at different universities, including Stanford University, University of North Carolina, Carnegie Mellon University, Sharif University of Technology, and Iran University of Science and Technology. Dr. Adeli’s interests include applied research in machine learning, medical image analysis, computer vision, and computational neuroscience. His focus is human-centric applications ranging from computer vision to healthcare through leveraging data analytic methods at scale. He has published numerous scientific papers and has led several industrial projects on these topics.

Jaideep Jain, IoT Technologies and Executive Leadership
Jaideep is an entrepreneur and technology veteran with a track record of building visionary products and high performance engineering teams with a focus on Big Data, predictive analytics and embedded control systems. Jaideep was the CEO of Truvolo where he built innovative connected car solutions. Prior to Truvolo, Jaideep held senior executive positions at Cymer and Novellus Systems where he created successful data analytics businesses. Jaideep holds several patents related to data analytics and control system architecture.

Raul Lopez, Advanced Video and Image Analysis
Raul Lopez career includes architecting and designing Hardware and Software for Image and Video Processing at IBM, Intel, SGI, and Zoran, delivering professional and consumer products.  Additionally, as founder or co-founder of four companies, he brings complete top-down and bottom-up perspectives in visual content creation and delivery.

Graduate of Stanford University's Electrical Engineering department with two degrees in Computer Architecture.