Cognitive IoT platform for Industry 4.0

Smart Edge

Smart Edge

A lightweight workflow engine agent that connects, collects, monitors and controls your smart system. It enables distributed processing close to the system providing low latency control. The smart edge can run independent of a cloud connection

Scalable and Secure Platform


Robust and reliable infrastructure needed to implement a winning IoT application

  • Big data ecosystem
  • Modular scalability
  • Security at every level

Intuitive User Interface

User Interface

Quick, easy to create responsive user interface that is mobile ready

  • Interactive data visualization
  • Configurability
  • Workflow based drag and drop designer
  • Easily plug and play new analytics

Application and Analytics


Powerful analytics tools for Cognitive IoT applications

  • Batch and real-time analytics
  • Advanced machine learning algorithms for pattern analysis
  • Automatic prediction, anomaly identification and notification
  • Automatic workflow generation